It is our pleasure to invite you to join us on a Fact Finding Expedition to Israel on September 30 - October 9, 2013 . In conjunction with Ron Wexler and the Heritage Study Programs, We will be heading a mission that focuses on and offers unique insights into the region's current events. We heartily invite and welcome you to what will be a most informative, and exciting expedition.

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After Iran and the West Bank-Gaza problems have been resolved, how does the Jewish state deal with its own population of Muslims, known as Israeli Arabs? Twenty percent of its citizens are largely opposed to its existence and in some cases actively disloyal to it. What must Israelis do to preserve the Zionist achievement...

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On this tour you will follow the footsteps of Jesus from His ministry in Galilee to His final days in Jerusalem. You will visit all the biblical and holy sites in Israel. You will hear on location bible teachings from our hosts and teachers at the actual sites being described. And, you will participate in an informative fact finding discussions, panel discussions and presentations throughout the land.